Automotive Training Is A Lifelong Adventure

Whether you’re a car hobbyist or a seasoned auto repair technician, you know that finding the cause of that quirky rattle or mysterious thumping can be both frustrating and rewarding. Indeed, the sign of a great repairperson is the ability to diagnose those persnickety problems – and then fix them. The talent for doing so comes from both solid automotive training and, often, many years on the job.

Today, sophisticated automotive equipment requires that service personnel – whether in the capacity of technicians or automotive management jobs – stay on top of the latest technology coming from auto manufacturers around the world. In other words, automotive training doesn’t end with a certification. On the contrary, that certificate is just the beginning.

Although car enthusiasts may be able to tinker around with old, used engines and other used automotive equipment, auto repair technicians are faced with the ever-increasing complexity of the integrated electronics systems and computerized systems that run today’s cars and trucks. Indeed, a vehicle might have as many as four dozen microprocessors. The engine control unit controls spark timing, fuel injectors, and much more, while anti-lock braking systems, air bags, and a myriad of other sensors are controlled by many other microprocessors.

Although the diagnostic tools available to assist auto repair technicians have also become more sophisticated, it still takes continuing education to stay ahead of the proverbial curve and truly understand the nuances of the new vehicles that roll out every year.

There are a few ways that technicians can receive continuing auto training. For those who work for dealerships, the manufacturer or dealership will ensure that the technicians receive ongoing education about their vehicles. Those who work at private repair shops can attend continuing education courses in automotive training at local community colleges and at technical schools. These continuing education courses are often certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), which is considered the national standard for automotive training.

Often however, seasoned auto repair technicians turn to one another for advice and assistance. Increasingly, there are online communities that offer a variety of services for professionals. Often, these communities have discussion groups or forums where automotive repair industry technicians can discuss problems and share solutions. There are also a number of articles and downloads available that are written by those in the trenches; often, these articles provide valuable insights, as well as tips and tricks to solve thorny problems.

The need for online communities has grown along with the complexity of cars and trucks. As a source of continuing education in automotive training, such sites and forums often provide shortcuts and innovative methods of auto repair that even the best courses overlook.

The Many Forms Of Automotive Training

With the ever-increasing complexity of vehicles today, there are a variety of kinds of automotive training offered in order to repair cars, trucks, and motorcycles.

High Schools

Some high schools offer a robust variety of courses that encompass a range of knowledge relating to auto repair. For example, a high school might offer classes in brakes, electrical electronic systems, engine performance, and suspension and steering. A high school can receive program certification from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) or the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF). This indicates that the curriculum meets the national standards set forth by these nonprofit organizations.

Career, Technical, and Vocational Centers

Many career, technical, and vocational centers are secondary schools offering automotive training programs that are certified by ASE or NATEF. They may include brakes, electrical electronic systems, engine performance, engine repair, heating and air conditioning, and suspension and steering.

Community Colleges

Community colleges offer a broader range of certified programs, and often partner with vehicle manufacturers and local dealerships to include both classroom and on-the-job training. Their areas of certification may include those offered at secondary schools, plus such areas as automatic transmission and transaxle, manual drive trains and axles. Some post-secondary schools also offer certified courses in alternative fuels, such as CNG conversation and installation, CNG diagnosis and repair, CNG maintenance, LPG conversion and installation, LPG diagnosis and repair, and LPG maintenance, suspension and steering.

Specialty Schools

There are a number of specialty post-secondary schools around the country that provide intensive automotive training and that produce graduates who are fully educated and ready to enter the world of auto repair.

On the Job Training

Although auto repair today requires a tremendous amount of specialized knowledge, there are still scattered opportunities to receive on the job training. This is particularly true for those who decide to specialize and who do not need comprehensive automotive training. For example, someone who specializes in brake repair does not need to know how to rebuild an engine.

Continuing Education

Just as in many fields, the range of knowledge required to keep pace with the changes in automotive technology means that it’s important for automotive service technicians to continue their education over time. There are a few ways to keep up with automotive training, some formal and others informal.

Among the formal continuing education choices is the Continuing Automotive Service Education, or CASE, which is sponsored by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, or ASE. Many technical schools and other training facilities offer a CASE program, which is auto training specifically designed for those who work in the field.

But keeping abreast of the developments in auto repair doesn’t always mean going to class. There are a number of online communities made up of service technicians and those in automotive management jobs. These communities can provide everything from articles and downloads from professionals working in the automotive repair industry, to forums for assistance from other technicians, to classified ads for used engines and used automotive equipment, to job listings and the ability to post resumes.

Access Some Reviews On Cars

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Searching For Auto Tech Schools

Time has passed and the same old job situation has you down. The life you are living is much like a sad country song. It’s not what you had imagined, and you don’t like your day job one bit. Maybe it was a friend that shared with you the power of auto tech schools, or it could be that you have done your homework and know what auto tech schools can do for someone who is interested in a career change. Regardless of the reason, the time has come to give auto tech schools a serious look, and find out what it is they have to offer, and which schools fit your needs best.

It is important to look only at the Automotive Technology schools that are near you, because commuting is too much of a hassle for most students. The fact is that most auto tech schools require long hours of hard work. This is not conducive to major commuting. For this reason it would be wise to set a standard; to look at those auto tech schools that are no more than 1 hours drive away from your current home. This is the first step in narrowing down the process. Of course if you look at auto tech schools online, that would eliminate any commute whatsoever.

Next it is imperative to look at what you want out of the programs you may apply to, or you are thinking about attending. What degrees, certifications, or other things do you want out of auto tech schools? Thinking about this in advance will also help narrow down your search to the ones that best fit your criteria. Locating the best auto tech schools can be a challenge if you live in a rural area, but it is important to keep your needs in mind, no matter how small the selection of auto tech schools. Further, it is important to look at the ranking of the auto tech schools you are looking at by the people that have attended the school. Is it a high-ranking school in terms of satisfaction and instruction? Is it one that offers students a real chance at learning about the industry? Answering these questions will give you a better perspective of which auto tech schools will work for your needs.

Most importantly the program choose must have a strong career placement program. Finding auto tech schools that offer strong career placement should not be hard, since most of these schools count this as one of the top priorities of the school. After all if one is not getting a job after attending the programs offered, what is the point in making the career change? The auto tech schools or tech schools are simply in existence to give people a chance at a better life, by providing a solid education, and then supplying a list of employers to the student for consideration.

The auto tech schools with the strongest career placement rates should be at the top of your list for attendance possibilities. Career placement rates are simply calculated by taking the total number of graduates, and getting the number of auto tech school graduates that are placed into a job. This will give you the placement percentage. Most auto tech schools use this simple formula to calculate career placement rates. If a school has 100 graduates, and 80 are placed in jobs, the career placement rate for those auto tech schools would be 80%. This isn’t a bad rate, given that a few students will surely change their mind and decide a different career path.

How to Choose a Good Auto Repair Shop

Getting the necessary service from a professional auto repair shop will help you keep your vehicle in good condition. The repair service professionals not only provide you complete peace but also help you curtail your vehicle investment. Hence, before you take your vehicle for a repair; it is important to learn a few things about vehicle repair so that the company doesn’t take any undue advantage. Here are some hand-picked tips for you to help you find a good auto repair center.

First thing first! Look for a professional and reliable car repair and maintenance shop in your community. Take the help from your friends and neighbors since reference is still the best way when it comes to getting the best service provider. Seek opinions from them on what car repair center they would recommend and what was their overall experience. Gaining testimonials from the people who had earlier availed the services from the repair center would help you understand the repute and trustworthiness of the repair shop.

Before choosing the auto repair shop for car repair, make sure you do a thorough background check of the shop. Talk to your service providers about the concerns and the services you can avail to meet up your needs. Be specific on the things you want from your service providers. Mind you some car repair shops provide additional service apart from what you really want. Ask for full explanation from the service professionals so that you understand the exact reason for repairs.

Ask for quotes. A good professional auto repair shop provides written estimate and ask for your consent before getting the job done. You can shop around and check out the deals offered by the shops. You can compare the price quotes visiting other stores. If need be you can visit the websites of the shops, do a thorough research about their service offerings. Try to check the quality of materials that the repair shop uses for the repair and maintenance. One you get to know all these things it would be easier for you to come to a conclusion.

Service warranty speaks a lot. In order to drive maximum customers, some auto repair shops come up with service warranty for a certain period of time. So, do care about this warranty, if you really wish to get post repair support and assistance at minimal or no cost.

So, what are you waiting for? Keep in mind the above mentioned handy tips before you take your car to a good auto repair shop. Invest diligently and reap the maximum benefits.

Benefits of Buying Vehicle from Car Dealers

Buying a vehicle can be very interesting and processes of thought. Not only you determine what type of vehicle offers the best means of transport, you should also ensure that you choose a car that will be able to handle all of your personal and professional needs. It helps to improve your chances of getting the best means of transport, it is necessary to do some research and find out exactly what type of vehicle you can afford. You may be able to find exactly what you need for your car dealer occasion.

It is attractive to buy a new car but for lot of people buying new car is not an option. The fact that you cannot have the financial means to get a new car does not mean you’ll never get a good car for your use. There are many new & used car dealers in the world offering different cars deals. All you need is a little time, motivation and a little knowledge of what to look for.

Whatever type of vehicle you are in the market for; there is plenty for you to choose from, no matter where you go. If you do not really know where to start, you can visit various car dealers and take a look at what they have in their inventory. What you may think is not important because the color and interior are some of the factors you should be very careful. Since this is considered a major purchase, you must ensure that you get exactly what you have in mind or have a preference for.

Since you are watching previously vehicle, you should pay special attention to the condition of the cars. Although the seller may say that there is nothing wrong with the car, but you should check for yourself. If you have a friend who is a mechanic, you may be asked to come and check the car for you. If you have someone who is handy with cars, you can always take a car that interests you for a test drive and have an auto shop check it out as well.

You can always negotiate a fair price if you feel that any car you want is a price too high. Note that even if you shop at a store cars, you still have the flexibility and freedom to choose what suits you. Take control of all negotiations and discussions cart. Remember, you are the person who will have this car for next year, so it is very important that you pursue that you think is best for you and your family to find.